by The Thomas Confession

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released December 5, 2011



all rights reserved


The Thomas Confession Sacramento, California

The Thomas Confession was created in Fresno, CA in 2008. The original line-up of the band was Jake on drums, Stephen on guitar, Mike on vocals and guitar, and Roman on bass. In December of 2011 the band released their debut album “Convolutions”. “Convolutions” was recorded and mixed Dryw Owens (Consider the Thief, From Indian Lakes, etc), and mastered by Brian Gardner (Linking Park, Pendulum, etc) ... more

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Track Name: Love Like Fire
I don’t know if the road I’m taking is heaven’s door or if it’s fake
I’m blinded by ambitious guessing is my guess
I don’t know if I’m second guessing or simply wanting for Your graces
Maybe I’m just superstitious I don’t know

In your arms I hear the music
Lullabies of divine choosing
Whisper in my ear I’ll lose it
Tell me what to do I’ll do it

Love like fire comes scarcely if at all
It is the rain that nourishes the desert
But I don’t need you if you don’t need me here
And I don’t mind if you don’t mind this lie we’re living
So tell me are we living now?

Heaven’s door may be worth the effort but the traveling is wearing thin
My resolutions and all my ambitions
Let me in or let me out don’t keep me in this cloud of doubt
Don’t leave me standing barefoot in the fire

Are we living? Are we breathing now?
Or are we gasping for air? Are we gasping for air?
Track Name: Put Your Mind To It
Hold on to whatever you thought was right
Again and again
She's coming back, so you just might
Slowly give up
Turn your back to it
Say what you need to say and don’t cry

You never know what you'll find
When you put your mind to it, put your mind to it
Leave all your troubles behind
Baby don’t put your mind to it, put your mind to it
You gotta work hard to survive
So put your back into it, get back into it
You never know what you'll find

And now when there's nothing else left to fight
Again and again
Her broken dreams dim the night
So you try to let go
Hide your mind away
You said what you had to say so don’t cry
Track Name: It's Not So Simple Anymore
It’s not so simple anymore
Between recovery and pleasure
There’s no more room for self control
It’s failing under pressure
You were my self-indulgent game
Started once in a while, now it’s everyday
You escalated very quickly
Becoming my unending pain

The lights go out tonight [tonight, tonight]
Got all you need right here, right now
Tonight, tonight, tonight
Come see us falling
We’ll take it to new heights [tonight, tonight]
The skies are calling
(Innocence dies slowly)
And we are flying

It’s not so simple anymore
When every step I take is backwards
Each breath is shorter than before
It’s not so simple anymore

Oh oh oh ooh I’m flying
Oh oh oh ooh I’m falling down
Oh oh oh ooh they never say
Oh oh there’s another way
Track Name: When Angels Fly Home
Space, it never seems to end
No holes that we can mend
The emptiness inside us
Time is never coming back
Those words that we may lack
Will never bring the hope back

So here today and gone tomorrow
Scars of perfect memories
And all the time that we can’t borrow

When angels fly home

If there only was a way
To wipe your tears away
To share your pain and hurt
Could I find the everlasting peace
The hope for us and cease
To dream my dreams of you?
Track Name: Heartbreaking Sight
I should have seen you coming a million miles away
I should have been more cautious, hidden my heart away
I never saw it coming, suddenly in the fray
You slipped past my defenses, you took my breath away

You heartbreaking sight
A thief in the night
You’ve taken my soul tonight
This heartbreak I found
Your muse falls around
You’ve taken my heart tonight

Tonight there was no rhythm, tonight there was no rhyme
I thought you were teasing, I knew there was no time
For us to take this romance past heaven’s neon lights
Takes more than just this moment, more than one star-crossed night
Track Name: When Everyone's Dancing
The revolution came and went and still I’m standing empty-handed
I tried to fight but it’s too late there’s nothing left here that’s worth saving
I heard together we might win I heard together we might stand
A chance for love to hide our sins a chance for us to live forever

Don’t slow me down when everyone’s dancing
If I fall to the ground show me some grace now
Don’t slow me down when everyone’s dancing
It’s time to move on I’m taking my chances

Your revolution came and went and now I’m standing stripped of feeling
Your future is the casualty gods made of gold betrayed my freedom
I heard together we might win I heard together we might stand
A chance for love to hide our sins a chance for us to live forever

Don’t slow me down, don’t slow me down, please don’t slow me down tonight
Don’t slow me down, spin my world around, don’t slow me down tonight
Track Name: You're Asking Me
Don’t tell me what I am
You can never see what’s happening inside me
And how I deal with my corroding blame
Don’t tell me where I stand
I don’t know if I can walk right now
Without falling on my face again

You’re asking me for feelings
A splash of cheap emotions
You’re telling me it’s time to make my choice
But you don’t realize my heart has lost its shape and motion
Unable to contain your love and sound of your voice

Forgive me for this game
I played with you not realizing where it’s going
How can I ever make it up to you?
I thought that I’m ready
But I just kept on fooling
About being able to love you

Now in your eyes I realize
The wreck I am
All that I need is time to bleed
And heal again

So I let go of you
So you could find somebody better now
I’m sorry that I made you cry
Track Name: Oh, If You Could See
Complicated truth explodes inside my head
And I’m reminded one more time just how weak I am

Oh, if you could see the mess inside my head
Oh, if I could be a man with no regret

Segregated lives as if we’ve never met
Everything we left behind I will not forget
Track Name: My Perfect World
Don't say that everything will be alright this time
Don't whisper lies into my anxious ears
Don't blind the truth with your disguise my love
You won't be breaking this heart twice my dear

And everything we held is swept away
The colors of our love have turned to gray

My perfect world it crashed, it burned and fell apart
My paradise became the setting for this hellish ending
Now here you stand and say to me "let's pick up from the start?"
You know I'll die. Is that what you were intending?

You want to see what happened to this broken heart
You want to feel the pieces with your own hands
I'll tell you what, if it's forever on your mind
You can stay away forever, stay away forever
Track Name: Still Standing Alone
Looking for truth left you blind
Looking for love broke your heart and still you fight
Should you be sorry for what you’ve done?
Have you some hope left? Or is it all gone?

You’re standing out in the cold
You’re losing sight of your soul.
You think you know it all
But here you are still standing alone

Finding the truth was supposed to set you free
And finding the love they said was everything
But somewhere along the way you found that it’s not what it seems
Through heartache, tears, and sorrow still you, you, you

Let me remind you now
Once and for all
You’ve got a friend in me
You’re not alone